£2600    £1700

£3600    £2700


  • Fillings from
  • Extractions from
  • Dentures from
  • Veneers from
  • Implants from
  • Whitening from
  • Straight Teeth Programme (single arch) from
  • Straight Teeth Programme (both arches) from
  • Crowns from

Dental Care Plan with Porter Brook Dental Centre

£24.75 per month









  • Emergency appointment
  • Basic exam
  • Comprehensive exam (includes x-rays)​
  • Children's exam (up to 12 years)
  • ​Children's exam (13 - 18 years)
  • ​​Oral hygiene sessions from


The advantages of joining our dental care plan are;

  • Two  basic dental examinations included in every year of the plan worth £35 each.
  • Two Crystal teeth polishing session included in every year of the plan worth £55 each.
  • 15% discount on dental treatment procedures
  • Reimbursement of up to £100 for every year of the plan for any emergency dental treatment needed away from our practice. (Proof of payment needed).
  • FREE emergency dental consultation at our practice (usually £55)
  • FREE dental radiographs (X-rays) taken at our practice.
  • FREE dental examination for your children up to the age of 15yrs, while you are a member on the plan.
  • Reminders for dental appointments via text messaging, email or post.
  • Regular feedback requested from you in order to improve our service.


The Dental Care Plan is paid for by standing order of £24.75 per month on an on-going basis. There is no tie in period.